San Felipe, Baja California
Abasolo Medical Center                            
CLZ Chetumal S/N Rancho Mexico                              Appointments:  (686) 577-1458
San Felipe, Baja California                                Emergency 24 Hours: (686) 573-0174
(Next to The 7 Y LLeven Gas Station)
With 27 years of experience, Abasolo Medical Center is committed to your health. Offering General Medicine and Medical Specialists for the best professional care.

Baja Medical Center
178.5 Carrettera Federal No. 5                                    Appointments: (686) 576-0200
San Felipe, Baja California
(Near El Dorado Ranch & La Ventana del Mar)
Baja Medical Center is the newest medical clinic to open in San Felipe, Mexico. Baja Medical Center will provide outpatient primary care and urgent care treatment for adults and children.

Cruz Roja                                                                                        (686) 577-1544
Ambulance services and physical exams.

Health Center                                                                                  (686) 577-1521
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San Felipe Health Care
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